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Pace Signature Academies! Pace Signature Academies

Monsignor Edward Pace High School rolls into its second year of its Academies program, and students are already reaping the rewards of the program. The academies, geared towards enhancing necessary skills for specific vocations, consist of the following four areas: Emerging Computer Technology, Mass Communications, Visual and Performing Arts, and Health Science/Emergency Medical Sciences. Students, now in the academy second year courses, are getting hands-on experience in their particular areas of interest. Students have already participated in nationwide contests and received distinguished recognition, guest speakers have worked one on one with students, and galas and performances are already in the works for the end of this school year. Read more.

Upcoming Events

Pace students
■ August 14 - New Students Report
August 18 - First Day of School
August 22-23 - 6th Annual Spartan
   Fishing Tournament
September 4 - Back-to-School-Nite
September 8-12 - Freshmen
   Orientation Week
October 1 - Spartan Experience
   Parent Edition

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